- How was your overall experience?

   "Great!  My pain has gone down, and I have learned a lot about being mindful and calm.  It has been wonderful working with Traci!" JM (11 year old CRPS patient)

- How does this compare to other types of treatment you've had?

   "This treatment got my pain down and was calming and comfortable!" JM (11 year old CRPS patient)

- What would you say to others living with a similar diagnosis?  Would you refer them to Advanced Pathways?

   "Of course!  Advanced Pathways has made my pain, overall health and life better!  I loved working with Traci and I felt very comfortable with her and in her environment." JM (11 year old CRPS patient)

- "Traci has helped me not only once but twice.  She has helped me when I thought there was no hope. She cares. She understands what we are going through when the medical world looks at us as though we are a mental case and dismisses us with pain killers and Tens units.  Those of us who have CRPS have an option now.  Advanced Pathways Hypnosis. It works!   I love her and thank her for giving my life back to me.   It was worth every penny I put into it. You cannot put a price tag on being  pain free!  Don't suffer another day when you can get rid of this pain.  I urge all of you who are suffering to call Traci." - DP (CRPS)

- "Traci is knowledgeable, professional, patient and caring.  She is very organized, instills faith in the process needed to maintain a calm relaxed state of mind, and her technique and tools help that to happen. " DB (CRPS)

- "I still have some work to do.  I feel better than when I arrived, better about life and where I am.  Having the ability to drop my pain levels down and to reach a functional level is so much better than what I have been living with for 4 years.  Thank You."  AP (CRPS)

- How does this compare to other experiences?

    "This is a better experience.  More pleasant than other doctors.  I feel better with myself and that's a good feeling.  I feel a lot  and better about life."  M.D. (CRPS)

- "Contacting Traci gives you the opportunity to live a more normal life.  This took a 10/10 burning pain and brought it down until it is almost non-existent.  Very grateful!"  D. Basile (CRPS)

- "It is amazing how well you've come to know me and have been able to customize the program for my specific needs.  You've made me feel special and worthy of being healthy, happy and living a full, rich and productive life again.  Thank you for the amazing and 'life changing' week." - E (CRPS) 

- "Traci, you have been empowering and have given me another chance.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Everything I said in the video is how I feel with everything you have done for me.  You Rock!!" - Shannon L. (CRPS)

- "Traci, you are an amazing gift. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!" GB - CRPS (mom)

- "Our family has had a great year and we could not have had this without your incredible help with Darci. We wanted to thank you again for helping Darci regain her life!" LMM - CRPS (Parents)

- "Traci - has been absolutely amazing, a joy, an inspiration, and so many other things through this week.  Thank you for giving all of us a chance to take back our lives." Amy K. (CRPS/Fibro)

- "It has been the most amazing journey I've ever taken.  They say having children is a huge blessing - I am saying yes - but being a chronic pain patient with CRPS/Fibro for the last 10 years - becoming pain free is right up there with my boys and I can LIVE again." AK 

- "Not only have I suffered from CRPS for the past year, I have suffered with chronic pain since 2010.  Traci's, HCT Intensive, gave me hope, confidence and courage to no longer fear my disease/pain as I now have the tools to manage it.  Traci individualized/customized the treatment to my unique needs.  Traci is smart, confident, educated, compassionate and empathetic - something that is hard to find with most doctors, psychologists, therapists, etc.  She is honest, transparent and believes in practicing what she preaches.  I am so grateful for this experience.  She has not only changed my life, but my family's life.  I am finishing up my HCT Intensive as a different person, and I can't thank her enough!  I can finally enjoy this beautiful life I have been given and am incredibly grateful." - NB - CRPS

- "Thanks just doesn't seem to be enough. Thanks for everything you have done to give Emma her life back." - JHE - CRPS Family

- "Traci is very knowledgeable, experienced, warm and inviting!  I always felt at ease and well cared for in her office.  I gained a lot of valuable tools to help me on my path to recovery."  KL - CRPS & Central Sensitization

- "I will highly recommend Traci and Advanced Pathways to others that have been diagnosed with CRPS.  This has been a life changing week."  LK - CRPS 

- "Without sounding over the top, I honestly feel that you have given me my life back, Traci.  I'm more encouraged, optimistic, and hopeful than I've been since my CRPS journey began over two years ago.  So, Thank You!" - EA - CRPS 

-​"Traci has helped me get my ANS balanced, dramatically decrease my neuropathic pain, deal with my CF, reduce/control my stress and anxiety, and increase my sense of wellbeing.  It has been a great opportunity to learn more about the mind-body connection, break my pain loop, increase my over-all health and regain my life. - Thank You.  It was an outstanding week." - JJ - Lyme

​​-"This has been a week where I have been able to focus on me - without the stress of work, family and friends.  Thank You.  I truly feel that I have been at a spa treatment facility and have been pampered all week taking care of my nervous system." - MA - CRPS

​-"I have been living with CRPS for many years, went through all the treatments (meds, PT, injections, Ketamine, Calmare, Vector, etc.) and nothing helped me.  I finally got in touch with Traci at Advanced Pathways to talk about HCT.  Her program saved my life.  I left at a ZERO pain level for the first time, I am actually sleeping again and have my life back.  More people need to know about this!" - AC - CRPS

​-"My personal goals and objectives were met!  It was good to shoot a puck again.  Thank You.  The flight home didn't hurt at all it was really good!!"  - DM - CRPS

​- "Excellent results, great experience:  Over the last 20 years, I have been increasingly experiencing some sleeping, anxiety, and focus issues. Finally, I had it and needed to something about it. Having never been medically hypnotized before, I had no idea what to expect. On the pre-meeting call, I was put completely at ease and assured that my issues could be resolved.
   I arrived at the very upscale office and was immediately struck with a sense of calm. I was taught proper breathing. Throughout the session, everything was tremendously relaxing and natural. Afterwards, I was delivered a very professional mp3 of the session (for nightly re-use) and a set of relaxation exercises, which I have been diligently using each night.
   The results have been surprising. The first night after therapy, I slept like a baby. I haven't slept quit as well subsequent nights, however I have slept consistently BETTER than before. Just the breathing exercises alone were worth the price of admission ... they have helped that much.
   Traci is an outstanding hypnotherapist and I would not hesitate to return for follow up sessions (if necessary) or to address other unrelated issues. I highly recommend her!"  - Danielle B.

​-"Successful:  Used hypnosis to quit smoking. It was quick easy and successful."  - Michael S

​-"Thank you, major change from one session." - Shadi S.

​-"I got more out of our sessions together than I did from over 10 years of working with a psychologist.  LOL  My stress levels are down, I feel like I have control / focus and an overall increase in wellbeing.  Thank You!!!" - BS

​-"I would recommend both Traci and Advanced Pathways to other CRPS and chronic pain patients.  I gained new insight into my condition, how stress and anxiety play a big role in the pain cycle, and I am happy I now have the tools to live a functional life." - MT - CRPS

​-"It is such a warm and caring environment. I loved the things we worked on!  I love the program.  I would recommend Traci and Advanced Pathways to any other CRPS or chronic pain patient." ED - CRPS

-"At first, I didn't believe that stress plays such a big role in pain levels, but I do now.  Tools I got will help me with stress, anxiety and other areas of my life.  I really love the fact that I have access to mp3 files.  I would recommend Advanced Pathways to other CRPS patients or anyone dealing with chronic pain." - TD - CRPS

- "I will recommend Traci and Advanced Pathways to other chronic pain patients.  You were amazing in terms of what you do.  I appreciate everything you did!  Thank you for going out of your way to help me." - MH - Chronic Neuropathic Pain 

- ​"My personal goals were met while working with Traci and I gained new insights about CRPS, neuropathic pain and the mind-body connection.  I would highly suggest other CRPS and/or chronic pain patients look into HCT as a viable treatment option." - CRPS client

- “I knew Traci was going to be nice, but I didn’t know she was going to be this awesome!” AB (12 year old CRPS patient)

- "Traci is absolutely the best. She knows the ins and outs of CRPS and so many other issues. The science behind her knowledge is amazing. Once all put together makes so much sense..." - Amy (CRPS & Fibro)

- "I went through a week of treatment with Traci after being close to disabled for many years with Fibromyalgia.  The treatment worked wonders, partly because of the nature, but also because of Traci's customizing each client's treatment to their own interests and goals.  I now have my life back.  I highly recommend this form of treatment, and highly recommend Traci as a Certified Hypnotist.  She's gone through her own personal journey of pain and recovery, and truly understands.  Thank you, Traci, with all my heart!"  Colleen G. - Fibro

- "Traci has helped me control my neuropathic pain and I now have a new outlook on life.  I can't thank her enough." Anne W. - Neuropathic Pain

- "Thank you for helping me control my cancer pain and giving me a fresh perspective on life."  Barb C. - Cancer Pain

​- "I am so excited grateful for everything you taught me.  I feel like I have a total new excitement for life." JB - CRPS

​- "I arrived using my crutches dealing with pain, swelling in my foot/ankle, coloration changes, and all the usual things that go with CRPS.  After my intensive I was at zero pain, no swelling, the color in my foot/ankle were perfect and I was starting to walk without my crutches.  The one treatment that actually helped." WH - CRPS

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