-"Not only have I suffered from CRPS for the past year, I have suffered with chronic pain since 2010.  Traci's, HCT Intensive, gave me hope, confidence and courage to longer fear my disease/pain as I now have the tools to manage it.  Traci individualized/customized the treatment to my unique needs.  Traci is smart, confident, educated, compassionate and empathetic - something that is hard to find with most doctors, psychologists, therapists, etc.  She is honest, transparent and believes in practicing what she preaches.  I am so grateful for this experience.  She has not only changed my life, but my family's life.  I am finishing up my HCT Intensive as a different person, and I can't thank her enough!  I can finally enjoy this beautiful life I have been given and am incredibly grateful." - NB - CRPS

-​"Traci has helped me get my ANS balanced, dramatically decrease my neuropathic pain, deal with my CF, reduce/control my stress and anxiety, and increase my sense of wellbeing.  It has been a great opportunity to learn more about the mind-body connection, break my pain loop, increase my over-all health and regain my life. - Thank You.  It was an outstanding week." - JJ - Lyme

​​-"This has been a week where I have been able to focus on me - without the stress of work, family and friends.  Thank You.  I truly feel that I have been at a spa treatment facility and have been pampered all week taking care of my nervous system." - MA - CRPS

​-"I have been living with CRPS for many years, went through all the treatments (meds, PT, injections, Ketamine, Calmare, Vector, etc.) and nothing helped me.  I finally got in touch with Traci at Advanced Pathways to talk about HCT.  Her program saved my life.  I left at a ZERO pain level for the first time, I am actually sleeping again and have my life back.  More people need to know about this!" - AC - CRPS

​-"My personal goals and objectives were met!  It was good to shoot a puck again.  Thank You.  The flight home didn't hurt at all it was really good!!"  - DM - CRPS

​- "Excellent results, great experience:  Over the last 20 years, I have been increasingly experiencing some sleeping, anxiety, and focus issues. Finally, I had it and needed to something about it. Having never been medically hypnotized before, I had no idea what to expect. On the pre-meeting call, I was put completely at ease and assured that my issues could be resolved.
   I arrived at the very upscale office and was immediately struck with a sense of calm. I was taught proper breathing. Throughout the session, everything was tremendously relaxing and natural. Afterwards, I was delivered a very professional mp3 of the session (for nightly re-use) and a set of relaxation exercises, which I have been diligently using each night.
   The results have been surprising. The first night after therapy, I slept like a baby. I haven't slept quit as well subsequent nights, however I have slept consistently BETTER than before. Just the breathing exercises alone were worth the price of admission ... they have helped that much.
   Traci is an outstanding hypnotherapist and I would not hesitate to return for follow up sessions (if necessary) or to address other unrelated issues. I highly recommend her!"  - Danielle B.

​-"Successful:  Used hypnosis to quit smoking. It was quick easy and successful."  - Michael S

​-"Thank you, major change from one session." - Shadi S.

​-"I got more out of our sessions together than I did from over 10 years of working with a psychologist.  LOL  My stress levels are down, I feel like I have control / focus and an overall increase in wellbeing.  Thank You!!!" - BS

​-"I would recommend both Traci and Advanced Pathways to other CRPS and chronic pain patients.  I gained new insight into my condition, how stress and anxiety play a big role in the pain cycle, and I am happy I now have the tools to live a functional life." - MT - CRPS

​-"It is such a warm and caring environment. I loved the things we worked on!  I love the program.  I would recommend Traci and Advanced Pathways to any other CRPS or chronic pain patient." ED - CRPS

-"At first, I didn't believe that stress plays such a big role in pain levels, but I do now.  Tools I got will help me with stress, anxiety and other areas of my life.  I really love the fact that I have access to mp3 files.  I would recommend Advanced Pathways to other CRPS patients or anyone dealing with chronic pain." - TD - CRPS

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