Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can be described as ongoing or recurrent pain, lasting beyond the usual course of acute illness or injury or more than 3 to 6 months, and which adversely affects the individual’s well-being. A simpler definition for chronic or persistent pain is pain that continues when it should not. (IASP 2004).

People of all ages are diagnosed with chronic pain every year.  Pain does not discriminate.  In the United States over 100 million people are diagnosed with some type of chronic pain.[1]  This is greater than cancer, heart disease and diabetes combined.[2]  However, pain reaches far past our borders and affects an astonishing 1.5 billion people worldwide.[3]  Pain is a universal experience, serious and costly.

Chronic pain patients want to be heard and understood.  Their pain is real, and they need solutions.  They don’t want to be told not to worry, that they don’t look sick or that it’s all in their head.

Advanced Pathways understands chronic pain.  Our founder, Dr. Traci Patterson, lived with type 2 CRPS for 7 years prior to gaining long-term remission.  

We are providing solutions for chronic pain patients (RSD CRPS, Fibromyalgia, Neuropathic Pain, Migraines, AMPS, phantom limb pain, etc.) through a personalized, evidence based, non-invasive, drug free treatment - HCT - that allows individuals to regain their lives on an international basis.


A Comprehensive Treatment

for Chronic Pain and CRPS

Our Intensive is a comprehensive, evidence based, non-invasive and drug free protocol that is helping chronic pain patients regain function and regain their lives.

This is a multi-modality protocol that is a combination of clinical hypnosis / medical hypnosis, cold laser, PEMF, biofeedback, neurofeedback, light/sound therapy, neuroplasticity training, working with the limbic system, cell memory, and more. This protocol is giving chronic pain patients the ability to dramatically decrease pain levels (many do gain remission), gain functional levels, increase restorative sleep, decrease and control stress, anxiety and/or PTSD, and regain their lives.

​Our Intensive is a two-week program.  During the Intensive you will be working with a multi-therapeutic protocol that is individualized to meet your specific needs and goals.    

​We have helped people of all ages.  Chronic pain doesn't discriminate.  It is important to have a treatment protocol that can help those that need it.

We believe that you should not have to be put through painful treatments or procedures to regain your health and life.  Therefore, we take a compassionate approach that addresses all aspects of chronic pain (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). 

​If you would like more information on our program - please contact us for FREE confidential consultation.



Welcome to Advanced Pathways

World Renowned Experts in CRPS and Chronic Pain

Stepping Outside the Box: A Journey from Invisible Pain to Invincible Living, is available in paperback and as an e-book.

If you are one of the 1.5 billion that is living with chronic pain on a worldwide basis… THERE IS HOPE & HELP.

"This is a must read for those individuals living with CRPS and similar forms of chronic pain, their caregivers and all healthcare professionals who seek to better understand and help those with CRPS."
Keith E. Davis, MD - Family Physician
Idaho Physician of Year 2012
AAFP Physician of Year 2013
Top Doctors Award

​Advanced Pathways is providing solutions for chronic pain patients (RSD CRPS, Fibromyalgia, Neuropathic Pain, Migraines, AMPS, etc.) through a personalized, evidence based, non-invasive, drug free treatment that allows individuals to regain their lives on an international basis.  Our program is helping those that previously thought there was no hope.  You will be taught how to triumph over pain, stress, anxiety, negative thoughts, and gain the confidence to improve your life and your future. 

Our Clients

Ask our clients what made them choose us and you’re likely to get many different answers. There’s one thing they’ll all agree on though; we deliver results.

- “Please use Advanced Pathways before trying anything invasive. The results are really 

unbelievable and quick.  Traci absolutely knows what to do to calm down chronic pain (CRPS). She gets the job done with a calm and gentle presence. She knows how CRPS patients suffer and she can relate. In other programs my daughter was forced to push through pain... this works without creating more pain.”    ~ Lisa (Daughter diagnosed with CRPS)

- "I feel like a new woman, in a new body, with an enlightened mind. And I want to thank you for taking the time to help me, to teach me to take care of myself. You are an amazing lady, doing remarkable things for others that thought there was nothing else left for them except existing in this life with pain. You gave me hope, and with that I will run and bloom into the flower we all are." Shannon (CRPS)

- "After 4 years of suffering, in 5 days I was able to get my life back. Absolutely speechless! Cannot say enough positive things about this treatment. It's the only thing that works!" Sierra K. - (CRPS)

- "The last few months have been worse than ever, and now all of a sudden I feel better than ever.  I woke up with pain = 0." W.H. - (CRPS) – Sweden

​- "Aurora came in on Monday in a very miserable, almost hopeless, lost in pain state. We are learning with big smiles, an eye towards the future, and a much more comfortable girl.  Thank You, Traci!!" - Gini B (CRPS)