Chronic Pain

Pain that persists for longer than 6 months is referred to as chronic pain. Unrelieved chronic pain can cause considerable suffering, physical limitations, and emotional distress (Turk, 1996). Chronic pain is one of the most common reasons for seeking medical care but often persists despite treatment with analgesics and physical modalities. For example, epidemiologic studies indicate that approximately 11% to 45% of individuals in the United States experience chronic back pain (LeResche & Von Korff, 1999), 75% of patients with advanced cancer suffer persistent pain (Bonica, 1990), and chronic pain is the most common reason for the use of complementary and alternative therapies (Astin, 1998; Eisenberg et al., 1993).

Interest in hypnosis for pain management continues to increase with more new evidence that hypnosis can reduce pain (and costs) associated with medical procedures (Lang et al., 2000), and there are now an adequate number of controlled studies of hypnosis to draw meaningful conclusions from the literature regarding chronic pain (Jensen & Patterson, 2006; Montgomery, DuHamel, & Redd, 2000; Patterson & Jensen, 2003).  Hypnosis has regained its status in the medical community as a viable alternative or complementary approach for chronic pain.

How does it work? Hypnosis in the treatment of chronic pain generally, but not always, involves a hypnotic induction with suggestions for relaxation and comfort. Posthypnotic suggestions may be given for reduced pain that can continue beyond the session or that the patient can quickly and easily create a state of comfort using a cue or anchor (i.e., taking a deep breath and exhaling as eye lids close). The focus of hypnosis in the treatment of chronic pain also involves teaching the patient self-hypnosis and providing recordings of hypnosis sessions that can be used to reduce pain on a daily basis outside the sessions and reinforce what was done. In our experience, some patients experience an immediate reduction in pain severity following hypnosis treatment, whereas others can obtain reduction in pain with repeated practice of self-hypnosis or hypnosis sessions.  Typically, the greatest relief for chronic pain patients is with the HCT Intensive.

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​Advanced Pathways is providing solutions for chronic pain patients (RSD CRPS, Fibromyalgia, Neuropathic Pain, Migraines, AMPS, etc.) through a personalized, evidence based, non-invasive, drug free treatment option that allows individuals to regain their lives on an international basis.  Hypnosis Combined Therapy (HCT) is helping those that previously thought there was no hope.  You will be taught how to triumph over pain, stress, anxiety, negative thoughts, and gain the confidence to improve your life and your future.  Contact us today to learn more about Concierge Treatment options and Telehealth.

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Ask our clients what made them choose us and you’re likely to get many different answers. There’s one thing they’ll all agree on though; we deliver results.

- "I feel like a new woman, in a new body, with an enlightened mind. And I want to thank you for taking the time to help me, to teach me to take care of myself. You are an amazing lady, doing remarkable things for others that thought there was nothing else left for them except existing in this life with pain. You gave me hope, and with that I will run and bloom into the flower we all are." Shannon (CRPS)

- "After 4 years of suffering, in 5 days I was able to get my life back. Absolutely speechless! Cannot say enough positive things about this treatment. It's the only thing that works!" Sierra K. - (CRPS)

- "The last few months have been worse than ever, and now all of a sudden I feel better than ever.  I woke up with pain = 0." W.H. - (CRPS) – Sweden

​- "Aurora came in on Monday in a very miserable, almost hopeless, lost in pain state. We are learning with big smiles, an eye towards the future, and a much more comfortable girl.  Thank You, Traci!!" - Gini B (CRPS)

- "I went through a week of treatment with Traci after being close to disabled for many years with Fibromyalgia.  The treatment worked wonders, partly because of the nature, but also because of Traci's customizing each client's treatment to their own interests and goals.  I now have my life back.  I highly recommend this form of treatment, and highly recommend Traci as a Certified Hypnotist.  She's gone through her own personal journey of pain and recovery, and truly understands.  Thank you, Traci, with all my heart!"  Colleen G. - Fibro

- "Traci has helped me control my neuropathic pain and I now have a new outlook on life.  I can't thank her enough." Anne W. - Neuropathic Pain

- "Thank you for helping me control my cancer pain and giving me a fresh perspective on life."  Barb C. - Cancer Pain

​- "I am so excited grateful for everything you taught me.  I feel like I have a total new excitement for life." JB - CRPS

​- "I arrived using my crutches dealing with pain, swelling in my foot/ankle, coloration changes, and all the usual things that go with CRPS.  After my intensive I was at zero pain, no swelling, the color in my foot/ankle were perfect and I was starting to walk without my crutches.  The one treatment that actually helped." WH - CRPS

Hypnosis Combined Therapy (HCT)

HCT is a combination of clinical hypnosis / medical hypnosis,  biofeedback, cold laser, PEMF, light/sound therapy, neuroplasticity training, working with the limbic system, cell memory, and more. This protocol has given patients, on an international basis, the ability to dramatically decrease pain levels (many do gain remission), increase restorative sleep, decrease and control stress, anxiety and/or PTSD, and regain their lives.

​HCT is a week long Intensive.  During this week you will be working with a multi-therapeutic protocol that is individualized to meet your specific needs and goals.  Utilizing this evidence based, non-invasive, drug free protocol can help you regain your life as so many others have done. 

​HCT has helped people of all ages (9 - 82 years of age).  Chronic pain doesn't discriminate.  It is important to have a treatment protocol that can help those that need it!

​If you would like more information on the HCT Intensive please contact Advanced Pathways for a FREE confidential consultation.