Traci Patterson, CH, CI

Founder and Director

Advanced Pathways Hypnosis

Expertise: CRPS/RSD- Patient Expert,  Chronic Pain, Pain Management, Cancer Pain, Fibromyalgia, PTSD

What Should Clients Expect:

At Advanced Pathways, you will be treated as a guest rather than a client. We will take the time to get to know you and the condition you have, or the reason you have chosen to come to our office.  Together we will develop a personalized plan that will deliver the best results for you based upon your goals.  This is key to your healing and your success.  Expect the best!                       

What is Different About APH?

Advanced Pathways is not the typical office.  Our programs and protocols; including HCT; are designed to assist people in breaking the chronic pain loop (for pain patients), overcoming negative thinking, managing stress and building skills to overcome life challenges.  We do this working with cutting edge science, neuroplasticity, the biology, physiology and psychology of the body, hypnosis and other modalities.  This is what makes us different and allows us to see remarkable changes in our clients.                      


We specialize in Pain Management via Hypnosis Combined Therapy (HCT): Hypnosis for Cancer Patients, Hypnosis (HCT) for CRPS, Hypnosis (HCT) for Fibromyalgia, Hypnosis for PTSD, Hypnosis for Anxiety/Stress, Hypnosis for Insomnia… and much more.  We also offer professional Hypnosis training.   Call today if you need help for yourself or a loved one.   ​(714) 717-6633                 

Our Staff

Advanced Pathways is committed to re-defining the way individuals view and manage their health and wellness by providing the best evidence based, non-invasive protocols. We strive to enable the chronic pain community to have better access to positive protocols to regain their lives.

What is Traci's Point of View:

Traci’s progressive view of pain control has created dramatic results in improving the quality of life for people who have often exhausted all other options. These results have brought recognition from peers, respect from medical professionals, and gratitude from her clients.  Never stop learning because life never stops teaching!                 

Our Vision

Our Strength